👋 Hi! I'm Natalie.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I'm a full-stack Software Engineer currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with experience in JavaScript/Node.js, AWS, Go, PostgreSQL, Docker, and React.

Most recently, I built Armada, an open-source container orchestration tool that automates the configuration and deployment of development environments in the cloud.

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Armada is browser-based tool that simplifies the process of learning to code for both students and their instructors.

With Armada, instructors can deliver pre-configured development environments to students. Each environment is a set of containers complete with a code editor, terminal, and file system for students to save their data between sessions.

Other Projects

Airline Routes

An airline routing application that displays and filters airline routes, including accurate coordinates for origin and destination.

React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Webhook Inspector

A RequestBin-like tool for receiving and debugging webhooks.

Node.js/Express, React, MongoDB, PostgrSQL

Contacts Manager

A single page application used to track and filter contacts. New contacts can be saved, edited, and deleted.

Vanilla JS, Handlebars, MVC

Let's Connect!

I am looking for my next opportunity! Please get in touch if you think I'd be a good fit for your team.